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    Annet Travel Coach organizes day trips in the 9 Hanseatic cities. Several day trips are possible, one after the other or with a few days in between.
    Excursions and guided tours are part of the day trips.

    A day trip usually starts somewhere between 9 and 10 in the morning and starts from an easily accessible place.
    A day trip can take 7 or 8 hours, but can of course also be adjusted in length. With the day trips, a guided tour can also be combined with a visit to a museum.
    Lunch, food and drinks are always at your own expense.

    Yes, a large group can also be booked. Contact us via the contact form or call Annet Travel Coach right away: 0 31 6 26804557

    The old Hanseatic cities are ideally suited to visit because there is much to admire from the past: city canals, city walls and towers, old monasteries, churches, gates and alleys. Each Hanseatic city has its own charm and each offers picturesque pictures.

    But the many cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques also give you the opportunity to enjoy these old cities.

    Yes, that’s possible. A tailor-made program is then sought that is also fun, fascinating and interesting for children. This requires good coordination with the parents.

    That is certainly a possibility. Good coordination is required in terms of mobility and interests.

    Yes, this is possible. This is not recommended in the larger Hanseatic cities, but could be an option in the smaller cities such as Elburg and Harderwijk.

    Annet Travel Coach has experience in guiding people with a physical or mental disability. Good consultation is very important to make a day trip that fits well with what someone can and cannot do.
    This also applies to people with a wheelchair or if someone has limited stamina.

    Each place has various accommodation options. If desired, Annet Travel Coach can arrange this for you. This can be done in a hotel or with private individuals in a bed & breakfast accommodation. Ask Annet Reiscoach about the possibilities.

    After you have agreed the day trip or tour with Annet Travel Coach, and the date has been determined, you will receive the invoice and a payment request. We request that you pay this in advance. If the agreed amount has not been transferred on an agreed date (usually 7 days prior to the day trip), Annet Travel Coach will cancel the appointment.

    Annet Travel Coach is corona-proof, which means that everything is organized according to the current government measures.
    All activities and day trips can continue unless there is a mandatory lockdown. Then we will look for a suitable solution.

    At this moment there are no government measures in the Netherlands. For example, the use of a mouth cap is no longer necessary, not even in public transport.