The nets used to catch fish are still in the air. In the city of Elburg you can see the city walls that used to have a protective function. Most people who live in Elburg talk about the flower street. A nice street with a nice flower display at every house. Beautiful streets and alleys for walking. At Deetman there is a rope workshop and sailboats are equipped with sturdy ropes. Demonstrations are also given. Yarns, which used to be mostly made of hemp, are processed into rope. Since the end of the 19th century, the rope-maker profession has virtually died out. Not at Deetman in Elburg. You can buy rope there that is twisted yourself. After this demonstration we go to the De Hoefhamer forge where you can admire the craft of a blacksmith in full operation. You can watch the blacksmith forge the red-hot iron into the desired shape. The beating of the anvil, the dancing of the fire in the hearth. A fascinating spectacle in museum farm De Hoefhamer.