Hasselt is a beautiful fortified town that belongs to the Hanseatic cities, near Zwolle. Over the bridge at the Zwarte Water you can see Hasselt so beautifully with a view of the water, the church and the mill. The Zwarte Water used to be connected to the Zuiderzee and became the IJsselmeer after the Afsluitdijk closed off the former Zuiderzee from the tidal current of the North Sea. Here we make a beautiful city walk of about 5 kilometers, where we walk along the lime kilns and visit these lime kilns. The lime kilns had an important function in the past. The lime ensured a faster combustion of the peat through the use of shells. And peat that they used as fuel. Fortunately, the lime kiln in Hasselt has been preserved and you can now enjoy a wonderful tour. After the tour we visit the teaching house where you will find books and photo material about the city of Hasselt in the past.