Hattem is a beautiful settlement city located on the IJssel and close to Zwolle. A lovely town to stroll around and find the Anton Pieck museum in a small street. The museum is located in a house with blue walls. When the museum is open and the weather is nice, the chairs are already outside.

Anton Pieck was a painter, draftsman and graphic artist. In 1951 he was called by Mr. Reijnders. Mr. Reijnders had heard that Anton Pieck could draw so well and or asked him if he was interested in doing this for the Efteling in Kaatsheuvel. It took a while before Anton Pieck said yes to Mr Reijnders. At first he really didn’t want to do this. In the end Anton Pieck went to have a look at Kaatsheuvel, which was still a playground at the time, and he admitted. Now we see his illustrations again in the Fairytale Forest¬† in the Efteling.

In the museum of Anton Pieck in Hattem you can find drawings about the fairy tales on the 2nd floor. You will see, among other things, drawings he made for the Efteling. Anton Pieck had a weakness for fairy tales.

On the 1st floor there is a temporary exhibition about the life of Anton Pieck. He said, “If I can draw I’m happy!” Special about Hattem are the bread and pastry museum, the windmill, the church, part of the old city wall and the French school.