Museum de Fundatie used to be a court of justice. Museum de Fundatie was founded in 1958. The building on the outside is already special to see. Point your head up and you will probably see a large egg. Anyway, it’s a cloud. A cloud made of ceramic stones. The color of the stones corresponds to the changing of the sky. If the sky is gray, the stones also change to gray. If the sky is blue, the stones will also turn blue. When you enter the museum, you will first see a statue of Mr. Hannema. He was the former director and founder of the Fundatie. His art collection was the foundation of the museum. In the Fundatie you can mainly see modern art. Modern art originated in the period 1900 – 1960. And in this period people mainly painted realistically. There are also regular exhibitions in the Fundatie. Not so long ago there were paintings by Jeroen Krabbe, well-known Dutchman, actor and painter. De Fundatie has four floors. You can walk up the beautiful stairs or take the elevator. There is art on every floor. In any case, a museum bar can be found on the 4th floor. Here you can quietly enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or soft drink while enjoying the view over the old center of Zwolle with the Peperbus and the picturesque houses. De Fundatie also has a collection in and around the Nijenhuis castle. Nijenhuis Castle is located in Heino and has a beautiful sculpture garden. In the museum itself you can see the collection of mainly medieval art.