In the center of Doesburg is a mustard factory that has been in existence for more than two hundred years and which has now become a museum.

In the 1980s, the museum was visited by buses full of housewives, now it is day trippers who visit Doesburg. The layout of the factory and the museum in the Boekholtstraat has been the same for decades.

The Doesburg mustard factory has been expanded into a working museum and small artisan production company. You can visit the old mills and associated equipment of various disappeared Dutch mustard factories and see and learn how the old-fashioned pure farmer’s mustard is still made today and how the jars are filled with mustard manually. You can also view a unique collection of hundreds of old and new mustard jars in the mustard museum. In addition to the mustard factory, there is also the vinegar factory. Vinegar is made here. Cleaning vinegar is a good cleaning agent and you can make tasty dressings from natural vinegar.

In the nearby Gildenhof you have nice boutiques where you can browse. But you can also enjoy a lovely walk and enjoy a delicious cup of mustard soup.

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